New Years Resolutions

The last year saw a great change for myself and my husband. Moving from our long term flat in London, and throwing ourselves out into the world without much of a plan, and almost no idea where or if we would settle. This removal from all that was familiar has largely been responsible for breaking me out of my creative lethargy, and has helped me to think creatively about new projects that I would like to cover and accomplish.

During the course of the last two years, many people have asked me “what do you want to achieve with your photography?” and for all that time I did not have a solid answer. There is too much about the practice of photography in all its variety and flexibility that I love to experiment with, and it all can be used to communicate different things. At the core, my overall goal with photography is to communicate my point of view of the world to a wider audience. But then of course, that describes every photographer, artist, writer… human being. So I believe a more specific goal will have to be developed over time through my passion for experimentation.

Last year, 2013, was my year of Self Discovery. I found myself camera in hand again, practicing my craft and finally began considering a professional career in the field and found ways to make money with it. This year, the year 2014 is my year of Exploration.

Therefore for my New Years Resolution, I have listed a set of Goals and Projects that I want to accomplish – or begin to accomplish – this year.

RRF - Danielle Falknor

1) Win a major Photography Competition

2) Get photographs published in magazines/newspapers

3) Host an exhibition of my photography work

4) Work for the National Geographic society

5) Get an image included in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.

DF KenyaPhotography Projects:

South America – The Honeymoon 2014 –

Formula 1 – A Year in the Life of Racers

Airports –  Art of Travelling

Surfing – A day in the Life

A Study of the Stars – Dreams and Space

Mt Kilimanjaro – The Sacred Mountain

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