11 Photographers You Should Absolutely Be Following On Twitter

Scott Bourne, an amazing photographer himself, has come up with some great photographers to follow on twitter! To all my photo-mad friends out there, ‘Like’ them and take note. I already have and they’re very impressive!

Photofocus (old site)

(Who You May Not Know About)

I am VERY surprised to find that some of the best photographers, photo educators and outright great human beings I know don’t have more Twitter followers. So this is in Twitter-land “Follow Friday.” It’s a day when you suggest people to follow based on your own personal favorites. Normally you’d do this on Twitter but I’m devoting an entire blog post to it because frankly, I think many of you are missing out on some amazing information from some of the best folks I know. Mind you, this is not the ONLY group of people I think you should follow – to get the whole list just visit my Twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/scottbourne) and click on my followers. You should consider following all those people. But for the purpose of this post, I deliberately tried to pick some people who don’t have a…

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